5 Orangetheory Fitness Members Motivating Us to Start Burning

Orangetheory Fitness transformations from across the nation have us ready to go all out and start burning the second we open our brand new studio in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana.

Well hello there—we’re halfway through the year, and summer’s almost here!

Members across Orangetheory Nation are pushing themselves as they start burning for their perfect summer bod, burning-hot bridal party pics, and a fun, active summer.

At Orangetheory Fitness, coming soon to Uptown New Orleans, LA, we stay motivated by focusing on goals like these and sharing them within our community to stay accountable. What’s one reason you’d like to burn calories? What will you burn for when you’re a member of Orangetheory Fitness Uptown New Orleans?

You can make a huge splash this summer by taking the plunge and vowing your commitment to fitness.

Need an extra PUSH to get started?

We’ve been asking members across OTF Nation about their Orangetheory experience, what they burn for, and how they were able to commit to fitness and make big, lasting changes to their lives. Learning about other members’ fitness journeys keeps us motivated and keeps us burning strong.

Let’s meet a few of the members inspiring this summer to go ALL OUT and decide once and for all to reach our fitness goals.

(Btw, PUSH and ALL OUT are two of the ways we refer to the heart rate we’ll be targeting in our Orangetheory workouts to achieve the afterburn effect—which means continuing to burn calories for up to 36 hours after each session.)

     1. Pool-Side Perfection
Nichole from Mission Viejo, California, found the supportive environment of Orangetheory Fitness to be exactly what she needed for a workout she could stick with.


“I was known as the ‘gym hopper.’ I went to many gyms but quit after just a short time until OTF came into the picture. My confidence was very low on what I thought I could accomplish.

“When I came here, it was an entirely different atmosphere. The trainers pushed me and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done for me!

"When I first started I could only power walk and was not even be able to run for 30 seconds. Now I can run 2 miles! I look at the treadmill and I'm still amazed at myself that I accomplished that. It's never easy, but it keeps pushing me to get better and better every class."

“I have lost 12 pounds and many inches. I feel like I can accomplish anything. Orangetheory really has changed my life."    

     2. Brides Who Burn
Bridget, our Orangetheory bride from Birmingham, Michigan, loves how dynamic the workout is and how easy the coaches make it for her to get through each session.


“A friend of a friend reported real results after trying OTF, so I thought why not give it a try? What could it hurt?

“After my first class, I could tell this was something I actually enjoyed! I loved that someone was instructing me how to use weights, as I've always been intimidated of lifting weights. The videos and teacher instruction were so helpful so I could actually participate. The full-body element of the rowing was so new to me and left me incredibly sore, which felt awesome! The treadmill was an old friend but the up and down of the incline really made my heart rate rise in a way I wasn't seeing when just running in my neighborhood.

“I was hooked!”   

     3. The Summer Un-Slacker

Humberto of Pembroke Pines, Florida, thrives from Orangetheory Fitness coaches who always push him to be the best version of himself.


“My favorite thing is being called out by the coach whenever I am ‘slacking.’ Although I have been in a constant state of muscle soreness, I am down 90 pounds and still losing.

“I know the reason why I started, do you?”
     4. Not Always the Bridesmaid!

Pamela from Jacksonville, Florida, keeps her motivation strong by finding little everyday goals that help her burn toward her big ones.


“I started OTF a month after my brother proposed to my soon to be sister-in-law. After I found out I would be a bridesmaid in the wedding, I found my motivation.

“Once I got into a routine of attending OTF classes 4-5 times a week and counting my calories with an improved diet, the pounds started to drop! Now 45 pounds lighter, I think back to when I started my weight loss journey and how impossible it seemed.

“Soon after my brother's wedding, I struggled with the fact that I had no more motivation since the big day was over. However, I found that there is motivation in everyday life: getting ready for a bikini during the summer, getting to my daily Fitbit goal, and just feeling better about myself.

“Oh, and... I'M ENGAGED NOW!

“Since losing my weight I have more energy, I sleep better, and I am happier! I quickly learned that when I made the commitment to lose the weight, I made a change in my lifestyle.”

     5. Less Bummin’, More Beachin’

Mary, an Orangetheory Fitness member from San Clemente, California, calls the workout her obsession—and no longer feels the need to make excuses.


“My friend Amanda had been trying to get me to come try a class with her. I found just about every excuse in the book not to come before I finally caved.

“My first class was an eye opener and I realized very quickly that I was nowhere close to in shape. I couldn't even run 1 block on the treadmill without stopping to catch my breath and I honestly wanted to quit.

Fast forward to today and I'm coming to Orangetheory 4-5 times a week. In 10 short weeks I'm running longer, faster and lifting heavier in the weight room. I've also lost 7 pounds and 2 pant/dress sizes.

“I've gained so much confidence and I am happier in my daily life. One thing I love about Orangetheory is the variety of workouts that keep my body guessing...and leave me drenched in sweat. I have met so many wonderful and motivating people in class.

“My first 10 weeks at Orangetheory have been amazing and I can't wait to see my progress over the next 10. I still have a way to go to get to where I want to be, but I am confident that being a part of the Orangetheory family will help me get there.”   

So What Will Your Summer Fitness Story Be?

Summer starts here—by signing up as a founding member at Orangetheory Fitness in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana!

Think how good you’ll feel this summer knowing you’ve signed up and are going to start transforming your life the moment we open our doors. When you sign up before we open, it also feels pretty good saving on membership by snagging our discounted pre-open rates.

Orangetheory is permanently changing lives across the nation and can transform your life, too. And you don’t have to wait for your wedding, beach vacation, or graduation to get started. Our fitness family is here burning up the workout every day! Get on our list for special deals and more information here: http://bit.ly/2p5dcnU

We can’t wait to burn with you when we open! In the meantime, enjoy those big travel plans, your best friend’s wedding, and all the fun things you’ll be doing with the kids while they’re out of school.


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